Thursday, April 21, 2011


My last exam of the semester is DONE! I can probably now say that I understand American politics more than most Americans (especially the ones who say "Keep the government out of my Medicare"). I'd like to say that I'm gonna take a break from politics, unfortunately, I have to go vote this weekend since I'll be in the US on election day in Canada. Lets hope that this time, our canadian version of Bush (Stephen Harper) won't become Prime Minister again. The US have Obama for heaven's sake (even if they don't appreciate him as they should). To end the political part of this post, I'll say this: " Harper's government is just a big cover-up (read too much about the Watergate), so vote for the party that can actually form a government. Harper needs to get out."

Oval Office

Now, about SL. I bought a cat, not for the whole breedable thing, but just because I always wanted a cat and probably will never be able to have one because of my cousin who is basically allergic to nearly everything and her allergic reaction to pets is asthma. And yes, I see her often. I also did the Season Hunt (Spring Edition). Guys, there are two stores on the list which are guy stores. If you are looking for a new bed, do the hunt, I think I got 3 beds. The Molto Bene bee is outside the tiny weeny house, under the roof. It seems no one was able to find the Addict bee. That's about it.

At the White House

So... That's all for now. (Yes, I know my outfit is not Oval Office worthy... Can a girl be lazy every once in awhile?)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently, I learned many things that made me happy. First, I got accepted in German Studies. So after my American Politics exam, I'll be done with political science. Until then, I still have to do a research on the Watergate scandal *sigh*. Now back to what made me happy. I found out that you can use PS brushes and pattern on Gimp without having to convert them! Kinda geeky to be happy for that, I know. As for the last thing that made my day, well... it's a long story that I won't bore you with (Jody, if you read this, contact me ASAP). So, yeah, lately, I'm in a happy mood and yesterday didn't ruin it all as no one played any tricks on me (it was April's fools day).


As for what's going on in my SL lately, there's not much to say. I clean my inventory, I visit places, take some pics and... that's about it. I could be RPing, but I somehow don't feel like it. All those rules about how you are suppose to dress... UGH! And I don't really have time anyway (unless anyone wants to do my paper on the Watergate... in french. Anyone?). Oh, but I did visit the Pose fair. I'm not finished yet, thanks to the lag, but what I've seen so far is quite interesting. Oh, and guys, there are stuff for you out there as this is one of the rare fair where there are things for guys or at least unisex. You can go with your love one to try couple poses or your whole family to try on family poses, which seem to be more and more popular in SL.

So... yeah, that's about it and here's my outfit (no, I'm not going back to fashion blogging... it's really just an excuse to use Gimp)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Is he gone?

I admit it, I'm a bit anti-social. I'm far from being a people person, especially in RL. In SL, I try to be a bit more friendly, but I still cringe a little when people I never met before IM me out of nowhere. If it's to tell me they love my outfit or wonder where I got this or that, I answer and that's the end of it. I don't mind that kind of IM. On the other end, I hate it when someone (that I don't know) IM's me and simply says "hi" (strangely, it's usually guys who do that) or comment on what I wrote in my profile (ex.: "I'm Canadian too" or "I know who Roger Federer is" or "I speak french too").

Are they gone

I usually reply (I try to not act like a complete savage), but I stay cold. With the "hi" I usually reply "hi..." (the "..." basically standing for "what the heck do you want") and with the random comment on my profile I simply say "oh" or "ok" (which basically mean "I don't give a monkey's butt" [aka "I don't care"]). Of course, some "hi" lead to "Would you like to come to my place to have some fun". I usually feel like hiding when that happens. It's not because I dress my avatar properly (usually not sexy at all, just cute) that it means I seek some sort of attention from the opposite sex. If I dressed for guys, I'd be naked. So, guys, if you read this, don't randomly IM a girl to ask her if she wants to do some... "stuff" with you. Even if she dresses like a slut. Oh and basically don't IM me. I'm not looking and if I could, I'd partnered my inventory (I'm seriously considering renaming my alt "Inventory" and partnering it... but that would be kinda lame... not to mention weird.)

Are they gone

It's probably because of those situation that when I see a guy standing alone and looking like the typical SL macho (overly muscular shape, no prim hair, sleeveless tee if not a wife beater shirt, tattoos and a skin that looks cheap) in a sim where there are no stores (at all or for men) and not necessarily empty (the creepy invite was on a sim where I was far from being the only girl), I feel like running and hiding behind a tree until said macho is out of sight. It's exagerated, I know, but as I said, I'm NOT a people person.

Are they gone

PS: Strangely, I mind less the random IM when I'm on a RP sim... I suppos it's because RP sometimes requires you to send IMs to people you don't know just to check something.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A train ride

So, I realized that in my folders of LM where to take nice pictures, some of them, well, weren't really nice to picture in their entirety (is that even a word?) like Alchemy Immortalis (I definitely have a soft spot for that sim). So, after two blog posts about sims, which were time consuming since you have to find the right angle and the right Windlight setting to do justice to the location, I decided to go back to the original formula of my blog: write about whatever I wanna talk about that is SL related (for the ones who started reading my blog at the very beginning: NO, I wont write about what is going on in whatever HP RP I'm in, I don't spend enough time there). Why? I suck at doing reviews of anything, may it be clothes or places. My kind of review is "I like this" or "I don't like this" without any particular reason other that it appeals to me, like the new skin I just bought which, when I tried it on, made me say "OMG! So me!". No "Mmm, I like the way the different parts of the skin are made" and so on. There are some exceptions, like Alchemy Immortalis and the neighboring sims that reminded me of Ireland (where I've been) and of the numerous sheeps one can find in this beautiful country.

So, yesterday, I decided to check which of my "Nice places to take picture" were out of date (I still intend to take nice pictures even if I'm not doing any reviews), I happily found out that one sim I was sure would be dead by now was, in fact, still there. If you are like Walt Disney or Sheldon Cooper, you'll be happy to learn that there is a whole sim with railroads and a functionning train just going around and stoping at the only train station of the sim every 10-15 minutes (I think, didn't count). Also, if you have a sim to spare, you can buy your own trainset and install it on said sim. It's only 12,000L$ (In other words, you not only need a sim to spare, but also alot of money to spare). If you have neither, which is the case for most of us, you can just head over there and enjoy a free train ride. Oh, and if you do ride the train, turn your AO off, otherwise it's gonna look like you are sitting outside of the train.

Train ride

Oh, and, of course, without your AO, your sitting pose is oh so graceful... (I'm being sarcastic here). And you also rediscover the joys of alpha layers when you try to take a pic of you inside the train. If you go in Mouselook, you can look out the window and just look at the sim as the train goes around the sim.

Train Ride

So, while I was waiting for the train to arrive, I was listening to my iPod (in RL) and this tune started to play and I thought it went well with the train theme since trains are often related to departures in movies, one person in the train slowly leaving, and the other one on the platform, waving a handkerchief or their hand.

Anyway, that's all for now. Oh, and the credits for whatever I'm wearing in the pictures is on Flickr, so just click the pics if you are wondering.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pure Juice...

Didn't manage to play with the title of the event for the title of my own blog post. I know, I said this blog would be more about places to visit then about fashion, but Pure Juice is a place that you can visit. Anyway, there isn't much to say about this event.

Pure Juice

If you don't know what to do in SL, go, it will distract you for about 10 minutes if you are a girl, 10 seconds if you are a guy (nice suits from CheerNo). For girls, if you like pink and overly sexy outfits, you'll probably totally love the event. For the others, there is a nice tattoo layer set from cheLLe (I love that brand as it is well done and very reasonably priced), nice hairs from Headmistress and Exile, few black clothes if you want some more neutral things in your inventory, furnitures and prefabs that look really nice (LOVE the one from abode... made me wish I had my own parcel of land ), skins from brands I'm not familiar with and a nice selection of eye makeups (tattoo layer). I picked up a LM of one of the eye makeup sellers and ended up discovering a store full of makeup layers sold at a good price.

In conclusion, if you are too busy this month to visit this event, don't feel bad if you miss it or, if you really want to go, find yourself 10-15 minutes (depending if SL is a pain with you or not) and it will be enough. When I went, there weren't alot of people which meant there was barely any lag. You have until the 26th to visit Pure Juice.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alchemy can make you Immortal

Sorry for the wait. I've been busy with an essay I had to write for my English Lit. class. The sim I visited this time is Alchemy Immortalis. It's probably one of the most beautiful nature sim I've ever seen. I don't know why, but I feel like it has this lil something than the other sims. To be honest, I think I have a thing for the sheeps on the neighbouring sim which are related to the main sim (Empress and Hierophant & Inis Caiseal). Now, don't get the wrong idea. It's just that the sim in general reminds me of Ireland, and I have a funny memory regarding a sheep in Ireland and the general quantity of sheep in Ireland.

Alchemy Immortalis

The sim is associated with the store "Alchemis Immortalis" which mainly sells things regarding fantasy/medieval roleplay. As much as the sim is well done, the store itself is a bit dark (no, my windlight setting wasn't set at "night" when I visited) and it was a bit weird.

Alchemy Immortalis

As I said, loads of sheeps on the sims. All are in various position and there's even one going away.

Alchemy Immortalis

The buildings are also very well done and there's a charming patisserie selling cakes and other kinds of food.

Alchemy Immortalis (buildings)

Buildings are nice but what makes those sims special is the landscape.

Alchemy Immortalis

Oh, and that's me around the sim. :)

Alchemy Immortalis (me)

As I was visiting the sim, I was listening to my iPod and two songs came up that I thought really went with the sim. So here they are if you want background music while visiting.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Cream Glaring

So, yesterday, my bff and I hung out at her and her boyfriend's place (where I also live because they are THAT generous). We first started at the bar inside the house where we poured drinks everywhere except in our mouth because of the animation of the chairs. Then, we moved to the kitchen where we started to "eat" ice cream. Only thing is, there are no eating animations in the kitchen chairs so I ended up glaring at my ice cream and she ended up sniffing her wrist and filing her nails with her own hands (no nail files). I hadn't had fun with my bff like that in quite awhile so it was nice. Oh and click the pic if you wanna know what we are wearing.

Ice cream glaring & wrist sniffing

PS: Yeah, I know, I said this blog would be about places and all, but since it takes quite a while to prepare those post, I decided I'd also talk about funny SL moments or show a teaser of the upcoming place that'll be blogged. Why? A bit of variety doesn't hurt and otherwise I would blog like once a week only.