Thursday, April 21, 2011


My last exam of the semester is DONE! I can probably now say that I understand American politics more than most Americans (especially the ones who say "Keep the government out of my Medicare"). I'd like to say that I'm gonna take a break from politics, unfortunately, I have to go vote this weekend since I'll be in the US on election day in Canada. Lets hope that this time, our canadian version of Bush (Stephen Harper) won't become Prime Minister again. The US have Obama for heaven's sake (even if they don't appreciate him as they should). To end the political part of this post, I'll say this: " Harper's government is just a big cover-up (read too much about the Watergate), so vote for the party that can actually form a government. Harper needs to get out."

Oval Office

Now, about SL. I bought a cat, not for the whole breedable thing, but just because I always wanted a cat and probably will never be able to have one because of my cousin who is basically allergic to nearly everything and her allergic reaction to pets is asthma. And yes, I see her often. I also did the Season Hunt (Spring Edition). Guys, there are two stores on the list which are guy stores. If you are looking for a new bed, do the hunt, I think I got 3 beds. The Molto Bene bee is outside the tiny weeny house, under the roof. It seems no one was able to find the Addict bee. That's about it.

At the White House

So... That's all for now. (Yes, I know my outfit is not Oval Office worthy... Can a girl be lazy every once in awhile?)

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