Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently, I learned many things that made me happy. First, I got accepted in German Studies. So after my American Politics exam, I'll be done with political science. Until then, I still have to do a research on the Watergate scandal *sigh*. Now back to what made me happy. I found out that you can use PS brushes and pattern on Gimp without having to convert them! Kinda geeky to be happy for that, I know. As for the last thing that made my day, well... it's a long story that I won't bore you with (Jody, if you read this, contact me ASAP). So, yeah, lately, I'm in a happy mood and yesterday didn't ruin it all as no one played any tricks on me (it was April's fools day).


As for what's going on in my SL lately, there's not much to say. I clean my inventory, I visit places, take some pics and... that's about it. I could be RPing, but I somehow don't feel like it. All those rules about how you are suppose to dress... UGH! And I don't really have time anyway (unless anyone wants to do my paper on the Watergate... in french. Anyone?). Oh, but I did visit the Pose fair. I'm not finished yet, thanks to the lag, but what I've seen so far is quite interesting. Oh, and guys, there are stuff for you out there as this is one of the rare fair where there are things for guys or at least unisex. You can go with your love one to try couple poses or your whole family to try on family poses, which seem to be more and more popular in SL.

So... yeah, that's about it and here's my outfit (no, I'm not going back to fashion blogging... it's really just an excuse to use Gimp)


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